Kathy Grant’s Gems

By Sarita Allen

What would we as a society collectively do without the broad strokes of our cultural pioneers? In this case a trailblazer and a caring leader of the highest order. Kathleen Stanford Grant wielded her extraordinary powers by standing up for her fellow man’s rights, and clearing the path of obstacles so that the next generation of leaders would be just a little more fortified in their gain.

Kathy Grant is mostly acknowledged for her ability to heal the human body by using the technique she learned from Joseph Pilates; her finely tuned intuition, unique vocabulary, and most of all her stubborn will not to fail, however, she was also known as a Pioneer on many other important platforms. For example, she was the first black student to study classical ballet at the Boston Conservatory of Music the very first year they offered dance. Once again creating history by performing in the first integrated show on Broadway, Finnians Rainbow. Later becoming the first Administrative Director for the Dance Theatre of Harlem and the first African American to be invited to join The National Endowment of the Arts.

Along with Lolita San Miguel, Kathy was one of two people certified by Joseph Pilates himself to teach his method. What a gift she left for us, so many gems in those experiences. Let’s also mention, that In between all of those firsts, Kathy also had an illustrious international career in dance. Kathy’s life exemplifies the famous words written by Maya Angelou,

“Cause I’m a Woman


Phenomenal Woman

That’s Me”

Kathleen Stanford Grant, A true Gem and a too long hidden figure in the World of the Healing Arts Movement. We celebrate you!



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