Our Mission

To advance Pilates as a profession and to promote and perpetuate the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates.

Our Core Values

The PMA core values speak to who we are as an organization and how we interact and engage with our members, staff, board, and partners.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Open and welcome to all
    Cultivate an inclusive space for all diversity dimensions
  • Accessibility
    Actively engage the broader Pilates community and industry stakeholders
  • Respect
    Foster a judgment-free zone
    Operate by the PMA code of conduct

Positive Member Experience

  • Transparency
    Model authentic leadership
  • Cultivate community
    Create intentional opportunities for community connection
    Create a culturally competent association sensitive to all
  • Provide excellence in response to the needs of all stakeholders


  • Development of research practices for the science of Pilates
    Use research findings to promote evidence-based practice
  • Support Pilates research and disseminate findings
  • Educate Pilates professionals on best practices
  • Elevate industry standards
    Support third party Pilates certification for teachers and teacher trainers
    Create strategic partnerships with other fitness and health associations
    Promote best practices in Pilates education through ITTAP
  • Support legislation relevant to Pilates professionals
    Support, influence, and inform legislative and regulatory issues, affecting Pilates professionals in all jurisdictions

Our Goals

  • To support and advocate for Pilates professionals
  • To serve as a unifying body for all lineages and schools of Pilates
  • To foster community, integrity, and respect within the Pilates industry
  • To facilitate opportunity, credibility, and professionalism
  • To encourage professional development and lifelong learning
  • To serve the evolving needs of our community
  • To promote the benefits of Pilates to the public and allied professionals
  • To serve as an information resource for all Pilates constituents

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