5 Things Pilates Business Software Can Do To Make Your Life Amazing

We know that finding the right software platform to support your business is a really important decision.

We also know that the choices out there can be overwhelming, and it is not always obvious which features will best support your specific business needs:

After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs choose a software plan that works for them, we’ve pulled together some tips to guide you on the features to look out for in your search for the right software platform for your Pilates business.

Easy Registration for Your Clients:

If you have been running your business throughout the disruptions of the pandemic, then you know how important it is to have easy registration for online or in-person offerings.

Make sure that the scheduling software you are considering has:

  • Time Zone adaptability
  • Payments processing
  • Zoom Integration


Build An Amazing Website:

Designing this space to reflect your values can – and should – be fun and rewarding.

Page Builder Functionality

Being able to easily create new pages for your website is essential if you don’t want the added expense of a web developer.

Easy To Use Templates

Having a page builder with built-in templates makes your design process even easier. Choose a template when you need inspiration, or customize your own to stand out.

Growing Your Business – Memberships, Packages, and Class Packs:

Having more than one income stream in your Pilates business is a very smart move. Make sure to find a software that can accommodate your growth.


Some membership platforms can be embedded into your website but will require a separate subscription. Also, be aware of restrictions on the size of your membership: Will you have to move to a higher tiered payment if you exceed a certain number of users? Knowing this in advance prepares you for any extra costs.

Packages and Class Packs

Packages and packs mean that you can give your clients more ways to interact with your business.

On-Demand Library or Online Store

Hosting an on-demand library is an excellent way to grow your business and we made a free mini-course all about that here.

Communicate with Clients:

Look for a software platform that gives you access to these features:

  • Text message reminders for clients help to reduce no-shows
  • Emails for classes and sign-ups (that include your Zoom link)
  • The ability to set up automated messages in advance


Tech Support and Community:

To know more about this with each software platform, read reviews, find up-to-date client testimonials, research the platform in detail, ask the platform to direct you to their user reviews, and ask them the tough questions if you see something that stands out as a red flag.

If you are using multiple platforms for different functions (membership, on-demand library, website, email marketing), then your support requirements will spread out amongst all of those platforms. That’s a lot of support teams to interact with.


What is OfferingTree?

So where could you find this unicorn of a software platform, that has all of these features in one place as well as a patient, supportive and expert tech team ready to help?

OfferingTree could be just what you are looking for. We are an all-in-one software platform for wellness entrepreneurs. Our mission is to take the stress out of tech for wellness entrepreneurs so that you can focus on your business, your offerings, and your community.

With OfferingTree, you get scheduling and registration for online and in-person classes, on-demand video libraries, course creation tools, website hosting, memberships, and more all in one dashboard!

We believe in community and have built our software features based on the needs, requests and feedback of our users which means we are able to specifically support the needs of wellness businesses.

All OfferingTree users get a 14-day free trial, and Pilates Method Alliance members get a special discount! Get 15% off an annual plan or 50% off the first three months with this link.

Questions? Reach out to support@offeringtree.com and you’ll be connected with a real person to help.