Programs for Schools

Learn more about the Pilates Method Alliance’s programs for schools in each section below.

Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP)

The purpose of the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) is to provide a systematic approach by which Pilates schools can demonstrate their compliance with accepted standards, pursue continuous improvement, and be recognized for doing so. To become PSAP approved, schools must complete an online application evaluating their compliance with 10 Educational Standards.

  • Purpose: For schools to demonstrate their compliance with educational standards
  • Who it’s for: Pilates schools and students
  • How to get involved: Visit or apply on the PSAP website.
Fostering Future Professionals Program (FFP)

Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) Program establishes relationships between the PMA and Pilates schools. These relationships support student understanding of the value of third-party certification, their professional association, and the notion of industry development. The program facilitates student membership and participation in the PMA and fosters the foundations of a professional career as a Pilates teacher.

  • Purpose: For schools to work with the PMA to foster the foundations of a professional career as a Pilates teacher for their students
  • Who it’s for: Pilates schools
  • How to get involved: Apply on the FFP page.