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The Pilates Therapeutics Mission is stated in three words:

          Illuminate.      Motivate.         Alleviate.

Dr. Suzanne Clements Martin

Dr. Suzanne Clements Martin, Pilates Therapeutics LLC

Dr. Suzanne Clements Martin, DPT is an exercise physiologist, certified lymphatic therapist and a gold-certified Pilates expert, blending art and science into her teaching for 40 years. Dr. Martin first started Pilates to rehabilitate a hip flexor injury at the St. Francis Hospital’s Center for Sports Medicine in San Francisco. Under the leadership of Elizabeth Larkham and Patrice Whiteside, she trained to become one of the first Pilates staff at the facility. Having sustained a large fall in her college years, her true spinal issues only came to light with her Pilates studies with Michelle Larsson, a protégé of Eve Gentry.  Inspired to help others, she embarked upon a physical therapy education to lend deeper understanding of pelvic and spinal issues. Upon completion of the program, her desire was to give more knowledge to Pilates colleagues in order to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness world.

A lifelong learner, Dr. Martin is presently undergoing intensive study in fascial anatomy and dry needling, advanced oncology studies, pelvic health academy training, and Schroth certification. Through Pilates Therapeutics she helps special populations such as Spinal Asymmetry (see her most recent book!), cancer survivorship, foot issues and performance arts. In association with Handspring Publishing, Dr. Martin’s most recent Spinal Asymmetry case will come out in 2022 as part of Pilates for Health Conditions, as well as an anticipated 2023 project on Connective Tissue Spectrum Disorders.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Pilates Therapeutics pivoted to begin teaching hybrid pre-recorded video combined with live practical sessions. Dr. Martin’s most popular courses are Spinal Asymmetry (four times during the Pandemic cycle) and Foot Management. She also teaches the hybrid Survivor Gap course for Breast and Abdominal Pelvic Cancers.

All of the courses derive from the 3-E Pilates Therapeutics philosophy of Ergonomics, Exercise and Emotion:

  1. “E” is for Ergonomics because most of our clients depend upon us to solve their daily ergonomic functional needs such as seating and footwear
  2. Exercise is of course where Pilates excels. Pilates Therapeutics points out the need for Somatic, Corrective and Conditioning forms of exercise. These needs separate the Pilates field from physical therapy, which focuses primarily on correctives, and the fitness world that focuses mostly on conditioning.
  3. Emotion refers to the fact that in our mind body field, Pilates possesses the capability to reach and touch the individual more fully through our access to the parasympathetic avenue, creating inner peace,  acceptance, and unconditional self-regard

A common value that Pilates teachers hold is that movement heals. Pilates Therapeutics fosters the 3-E philosophy to create potential Masters of Motion, instilling characteristics of an advanced qualification Pilates Teacher, and enhancing the healing of others through its specialization trainings.

Pilates Therapeutics is an avid supporter of the PMA since its sponsorship program began in 2009 and strives to support the Pilates community during this difficult period by offering high-value education at a low cost.

About Pilates Therapeutics

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Suzanne Clements Martin, Pilates Therapeutics LLC is devoted to providing in-depth continuing education and mentoring for Pilates instructors worldwide. Its focus is Special Population Training, Leadership Development, and Mentoring through distance on-demand study, virtual hybrid study, on-site intensives and host-site courses.