Membership Benefits

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) offers a range of benefits to support you as a Pilates professional. Our educational programming ensures you stay at the top of your Pilates game so you can help your clients live stronger, healthier, happier.  lives. Whether you’re solo teacher, a studio owner, or part of a larger Pilates organizations, the PMA provides relevant, best-practice business insights to help you nurture and grow your business. And through our regular programming, industry conferences, and global celebration of Pilates Day, we give you the opportunity to connect with other professionals and share the power of Pilates with others in your community.

As a PMA member, you get exclusive access to special discounts curated just for you: insurance, Pilates equipment, training, member-to-member deals and more.

The Alliance.

The Pilates Method Alliance Online Community is a safe space for members to connect, learn and grow with one another. Here, you and Pilates professionals from around the world can share information, resources, and experiences. You can also form personal peer-to-peer relationships to enhance your life, strengthen your network, and inspire your Pilates teaching, practice, and business.

Member Directory

Our member directory serves as a professional resource of all active Teacher and Corporate Members and a list of studios near you. By publishing your profile to the directory, you can expand your reach, build your network, and become more easily accessible to potential students and employers. This tool also helps users find teacher training programs based on location, credential, and online offerings.

Member-to-Member Deals (Coming Soon)

Enhance your practice and studio by taking advantage of product and service discounts from other members and corporate partners. Member deals include professional essentials like technological tools, and business guidance, as well as gear such as apparel, jewelry, and props. Do you have a deal you’d like to offer other members? You can do through a specific portal that is open to members only.

Member Discounted Events

Connect, learn, and grow through our wide variety of events, including Continuing Education (CE) workshops, Community Events, Scientific Research discussions, and Business Classes

Video Resource Library

Learn from experts on the business and practice of Pilates.  Our Video Resource Library offers Workshops, Community Event recordings, and Scientific Research on Pilates for you to easily access and leverage throughout your Pilates career. Browse our library for insights from leaders and experts in the Pilates and business community. Do you have a video that other members should see? Please let us know.

Serve on A Committee

The PMA Board is always looking for involved members to join committees. As a member, you can join a committee and influence the future of the PMA. Click here to apply.

Just as a reminder

  • Join us for PMA virtual events every month.
  • Mark your calendar for the PMA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada October 19 – 22, 2022!
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