Green Motion Pilates- Classic Pilates Based in Shanghai, China

Green Motion Pilates (GM Pilates) is a comprehensive Pilates studio founded in 2020. Our headquarter is in Shanghai, China, and covers an area of 400 square meters (4300 square feet). We adhere to Pilates’ classic training principles to provide clients with scientific and effective training courses. Our founder, Mr. Chen Guo, has 20 years of industry experience, accumulating more than 15,000 private training hours for clients and more than 10,000 training hours for Pilates students.

In addition to providing Pilates training for the public, GM Pilates has also developed a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program so that more people who want to join the industry can get professional and comprehensive guidance. We have applied for the PMA International Teacher Training Accreditation Program for Pilates (ITTAP) to help even more people.

We are committed to popularizing the correct Pilates knowledge and training methods in China. However, since Pilates is still in its infancy in China, there are many unqualified teachers and studios in the market, which damages the industry and makes it hard for the industry to develop in a healthy manner.  GM Pilates actively cooperates with PMA to help combat this problem. In addition to becoming a corporate member of PMA, Eason Chien volunteered to serve on the membership committee to help expand PMA membership in China.  Our hope is that more Chinese instructors can learn about the real Pilates through PMA’s platform.

Green Motion Pilates sincerely hopes to achieve our goals which is why we joined an international organization like PMA. We are looking forward to exchanging experiences with all corporate members around the world. We’d like to learn the business model of the Pilates industry in different countries. As well as to let the world knows the changes that Pilates in China is experiencing with the help of the Pilates Method Alliance.