Addicted to Pilates Socks? The Story Behind the Most Functional and Glamorous Grip Socks

How It All Started

Once upon a time, a Colombian girl traveled from London to start a new life in Los Angeles. Everything was new, foreign, and lonely! Suddenly, a project to help a new friend open a Pilates studio became the beginning of an adventure that is still being lived 8 years later. And that’s how Tucketts was born!

While researching all the necessary things required to open a Pilates studio, I realized the need for grip socks that could allow the feet to feel free and fully engaged during any barefoot workout, and fit all shapes and sizes of feet and toes.

Yes! That was the big observation while going from one Pilates studio to another trying different classes: feet come in different shapes, with toes of different lengths positioned in not such a universal way. As I was advancing in my pilates journey, I also discovered the importance of allowing the toes to slay

Coming from a colorful country, it’s hard not to bring some of that joy into the designs while staying glamorous…our feet work so hard for us, they deserve the best!

I shared all these ideas with my husband, who encouraged me to go from idea to execution. Being pregnant at the time, he said to me, “what are you going to tell our daughter? That you had an idea but you were afraid to test it? Go ahead, I support you taking the risk to fail.” And that was the last push to act and launch Tucketts.

The Real Test

The big test came in 2015 at the PMA Conference in Denver. We were the last booth, all the way at the back. I was nervous to introduce to the Pilates community socks without toes, the patent was granted, which means no one else had created something like that before, the product was approved by a podiatrist and different pilates, yoga, and barre instructors, but we had yet to pass the test by hundreds of people gathered in one place to practice Pilates. And guess what? We did! We were completely sold out at the end of the conference. You, beautiful people, had spread the word and approved our Tucketts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please enjoy 20% OFF on your next purchase of Tucketts with the promo code: PMA20

Over the years I have come to understand more of the biomechanics of the feet and the importance of spreading the toes. In the Pilates Method, footwork is the foundation of all reformer exercises. As we explain in our blog related to the foot-brain connection, from the feet we begin mobilization of the ankles, knees, and hips, improve skeletal alignment, and strengthen the muscles to support movement.