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What tips would you give to a Pilates student attempting the Roll-Up?

January 2020

Begin in a seated position. Bend your knees, hip-width apart. Reach your arms forward. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, begin to roll your pelvis back away from your thighs. Hollow your abdominal wall, and draw your navel back as if you want to turn a sweater inside out. Imagine a zipper at the back of your pelvis and connect each tooth of the zipper with the mat behind you. Roll back as far as you can before your feet lift up or if you skip a zipper tooth. Inhale at your lowest position (this might be all the way down or not). Exhale, roll back up the same way. If you need help on the way up, grab the backs of your thighs and pull yourself up. Inhale, sit tall. Now straighten your legs out on the mat and try the same thing. It will be more difficult to imprint each vertebra with your legs straight.


Mara Sievers, NCPT
PMA Member since 2011


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