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Why did you choose to study to become a Pilates teacher?

April 2019

I chose to study to become a Pilates teacher when I understood, through ballet instruction at 21 years of age, that I could articulate my joints and use my myofascial system in so many more ways than I had throughout my youth! The work of Joseph Pilates, and his amazing devotees who have expanded upon and shared their wealth of knowledge, felt SO good to me because I was able to use my whole body, and my concentration of movement control and expansive breathing brought me exactly to where I needed to be, present. It was the "thing" that I could get lost in. Since I decided to study to become a Pilates teacher, my intent has been to help my clients find that spark of interest in learning and understanding more about themselves, and to help them be more present for their life vessel, that is their body.


Dr. Lindsay Branzel, NCPT
PMA Member since 2009


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