PMA Board Appreciation and Next Steps

 January 13, 2021

We are deeply saddened by the resignations of Stella Hull-Lampkin and Nicky Taylor Steward (appointees), and Eurona Tilley and Tabatha Koylass (elected) from the PMA Board of Directors. We want to publicly express our appreciation for their contributions during the past four months, especially in the area of increasing diversity and inclusion within our organization. Although we recognize that we still have much work to do, they have helped us shape our plans.

In June 2020, we announced a series of steps that were designed to actively encourage more participation at all levels of the PMA from the diverse population that makes up our industry, including establishing a Diversity Committee. With these resignations we will now re-establish the Diversity, Equity and Community Committee and continue to proactively listen and learn from our world-wide community. With the support of experts in equity, diversity and inclusion, we are deeply committed to doing the hard work required to build trust and create an environment at the PMA where everyone feels valued and experiences a sense of belonging.

We value every member of the PMA and Pilates community and will continue to strive to ensure that every aspect of our organization reflects this respect.



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