On January 15, we issued a statement about the steps we would take to demonstrate our commitment to embrace an unapologetic, anti-racist stance with tangible results. We also promised greater transparency, which includes updates on our progress.

Here’s where we are today:

  1. The PMA has engaged The People Institute, a management and leadership development firm, to guide our efforts to 1) recruit a more racially diverse board and ensure we have the skills and expertise needed to best serve our members and staff; 2) develop programs and services to better support you and add greater value to your lives; 3) maintain operational and administrative excellence of the PMA staff; and 4) supply an interim executive director who will be announced shortly.
    Note: Elizabeth Anderson, current executive director, will provide operational support through the month of February, after which she will step down.

  2. The work of The People Institute will be done with an intentional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, culminating in a corporate diversity challenge aimed at substantive change. Their mandate includes the following:

    Board of Directors
    • Work with the Board and staff to clarify the PMA core values, vision and mission
    • Assist in board development, leadership training, and strategic planning
    • Work with the Board of Directors to review and revise the organization’s by-laws, policies and procedures, including onboarding guidelines
    • Define Board member job descriptions and expectations
    • Identify initial prospective Board candidates from within and without the PMA membership
    • Develop interview criteria and vetting process of prospective candidates

    Member Value
    • Host a Listening Tour for members to express concerns, compliments, and suggestions for the PMA to better serve the needs of members
    • Measure current programs and identify new programs that will help create stronger value for members, e.g., small business training, leadership development, etc.
    • Identify areas of leadership development for members who desire to serve on committees or as Directors-at-Large
      Note: Board membership is not required for committee service.

    PMA Staff/Operations
    • Conduct an internal review and interview current team members, as well as contractors and sponsors
    • Assess PMA operations to identify opportunities for community support initiatives and advocacy for the health benefits of Pilates
    • Assess annual conference and meeting contracts and logistics

  3. In compliance with our bylaws and Florida State Statutes, we have appointed two temporary Board members to serve for 90 days, which allows us to continue PMA business.
    Note: Temporary Board members must go through the same interview and vetting process as other candidates.

  4. Recruitment for the Diversity, Equity and Community Committee scheduled to begin January 26 has been delayed as we ramp up work with The People Institute.

We look forward to working with you as we commit to building a stronger PMA that serves as a true ally for Black, Brown and other instructors of color in our industry. Our goal is to be the kind of organization with which you are proud to be aligned.


Jo Ann Graser
President, Board of Directors
Pilates Method Alliance