Keeping Your Clients Motivated

May 25, 2020
Author: Kim Gibilisco, MFA, MA, NCPT, RYT®

7 ways for 7 days! Wondering how to keep the energy lifted with computer-based communication? Ever feel like you’re missing your mojo from the lack of energy exchange of online work? Check out these tips to keep your clients motivated and keep the energy cycling through the computer!

Theme a Day of the Week:
My friend, Katrina Hawley, NCPT, offers, “Costume Friday.” Every Friday, Katrina and her staff dress up in a fun costume to teach their online offerings. It lifts everyone’s spirit, helps develop consistency and gives us a playful reason to tune in every Friday.

Solicit Special Requests for Class:
At the end of you class, ask your clients to submit one of their favorite exercises that they want you to teach or develop upon in the next class. If you don’t have any volunteers, invite people as if they won the lottery. “Hey Emily! You get to choose the next warm-up exercise for class! What do you want me to teach?”

Prop it Out!
Dedicate a whole class to using one unusual household prop. One of my Mentees, Shelby Dinslage, NCPT, offered a paper towel Mat Class. She completely inverted the energy associated with paper towels and came up with creative ways to use the roll of paper towels to up the game in Mat class.

Hybrid a Class
Many Pilateros are expert in related somatic fields. Develop a class that hybrids your stealth expertise in another area. By blending two methods, we keep the interest and perspective fresh and cross-pollinate our worlds. How does a Tai Chi/Pilates fusion class sound?

Ask a Member of the Group to Lead an Exercise
Invite a member of your group online offerings to take the steering wheel for an exercise. Agree to link up with them prior to the class if they need some support in developing their exercise. By inviting others to share the leadership role, we shift the teaching paradigm from a triangular shape to a circular shape, where every member is equal and every person’s energy plays a significant role.

Kids Welcome
One of the struggles parents are facing with home schooling during COVID-19, is that they are trying to get self-care time in during the day when their kids are really needing their attention. So, just invite the kids in to participate and be part of the class. Buddy exercises for parents and children not only give both a much-needed break from household routine, it also creates a playful energy in the house around self-care.

Donation Class for a Charity
Dedicate the proceeds from class to a charity that your Pilates community has shown interest in. It’s a wonderful way to financially contribute to a cause and also come together in movement.

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