Does Lockton Affinity’s Professional Liability Insurance Policy through the PMA Cover Virtual Pilates Classes?

March 23, 2020

We understand that virtual Pilates classes are increasing exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but are you covered in terms of liability?

Many of our members take advantage of the discounted Professional Liability Insurance Policy we offer through our partnership with Lockton Affinity, so we reached out to them to make sure our members who have a policy with them are covered if they choose to teach online.

Virtual training is not excluded from the policy. (In other words, it is covered.)
Virtual training is not excluded from the Professional Liability policy through Lockton Affinity. However, though it is not required, Lockton recommends having your clients sign a waiver. This is especially recommended if you aren’t live streaming your sessions and instead are sending your clients videos or directing your clients to a website where they can view the videos.

Again, Lockton Affinity says having a waiver in place is not a requirement, but is definitely a good practice, and we agree!

We offer PMA Members a downloadable Release of Liability template on the resources section of our website – you can also find it below.

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