Building a Bridge to Healthcare Professionals: How Do I Network with PTs and MDs?

January 2020
Author: Kim Gibilisco, NCPT, PMA Board of Directors

I am frequently asked how I began building my relationships with the many healthcare professionals I am fortunate to share clients with. The truth is, it’s not easy. It takes work and above all, it takes CONSISTENCY.

Remember that healthcare professionals are fielding many emails, texts and calls throughout the day, so, KEEP IT BREIF.

Here are THREE steps to put you on the road to a pathway of connection:

1) Making initial contact:

Ask your client to connect you via email. Remember that cold calling a healthcare professional without written consent from your client may be perceived as a breach of privacy. I recommend that you ask your client to connect you to their healthcare team with a brief introduction of your role.

For example,

“Dr. Wyss,
I am connecting you to my Pilates Teacher, Kim Gibilisco, on this thread. We have been working together twice a week for 6 weeks on my right hip. I would like Kim to send her progress notes and any questions she may have about my case. Please feel free to offer Kim suggestions as needed.

Thank you,

Follow up with a short, bullet point progress note. Reference what you see the client for (ex: right hip labral pathology). Include an invitation for suggestions and to your studio.

For example,

“Dr. Wyss,
I’m delighted that Bob connected us via email. I have been working on the following to address his R-hip anterior superior labral tear: balance control, stabilization of the right hip complex, and deceleration control of the lower extremities. Bob is progressing nicely and is now able to climb stairs and squat to lift his 30-lb dog without pain provocation. If you have any suggestions for me, please send them along. If you are in my neighborhood, I’d be delighted to give you a tour of my studio. You can learn more about my work by visiting my website in the signature below.

Kind regards,

2) Follow up:

Keep the line of communication open by:

  • Following up intermittently (every 3 months) on your shared cases
  • Adding the healthcare professional to your mailing lists
  • Following/connecting with them in social media.Use hashtags that they also use and are relevant to your posts.


3) Give them a taste of your magic: 

Offer a variety of opportunities for the healthcare professional to experience your work, PRO BONO.

  • Offer a free session:

Your referrals are so appreciated. The best way to learn about my work is to experience it first-hand. I invite you to my studio for a complimentary Pilates session with me. If you're not available, please send a member of your team.

  • Offer a group Pilates mat class at their location for their staff:

I would be delighted to offer your staff a complimentary Pilates Mat class at either your office or my studio during their next scheduled in-service. Please let me know who I should contact to set this up.

    • Sponsor an open house and personally invite MDs and PTs that your clients work with:

    Please join me on Monday, January 27th from 6p-8p for an Open House at my studio. Here you can network with other healthcare and fitness professionals, meet my staff, take a tour of our studio and even take a 15-minute mini session on the Pilates apparatus. We will offer refreshments.

    Anything worth doing requires an investment of time and energy. I assure you that this investment will be worthwhile in regards to developing your connections to healthcare professionals. You'll learn so much about the cases you're sharing through this opportunity to share ideas in a think-tank style. And what's more, you'll be facilitating a coordinated care plan for your client's journey to a pain free life!

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