12 Ways Pilates Teachers Can Stay Productive at Home

March 20, 2020

While staying at home for a long period of self-quarantine may sound as bad as house arrest, there are plenty of Pilates-related activities you can do to stay engaged and productive. When you embrace the hermit life, it’s up to you how you organize your time.

Here are 12 suggestions:

1. Curl up with a Pilates book.
Slow down. It’s the perfect opportunity to read a Pilates book, brush up on Pilates history, or study for the National Pilates Certification Exam. Whatever your specific interests may be, there are Pilates books for you.

2. Delve into watching Pilates videos on YouTube and other streaming platforms.
Use these videos as inspiration to plan your next class or to practice your technique. You can even earn CECs!

3. Organize a Pilates film marathon.
Get comfy on the couch and settle in for a series of Pilates movies. Our favorite? Our Pilates Heritage!

4. Message your Pilates friends to see how they’re coping at home.
It’s easy to feel shut off when you can’t meet in person, but it’s nice to keep in touch with messages and video calls.

5. Update your Pilates website.
Your website represents you and/or your company/brand. You want it to reflect your unique style with up-to-date content. Jump on it!

6. Plan your PR strategy.
You know your classes are great. But how are you going to grow your client base (and your profits)? Look for ways that you can get some good press.

7. Update your CV.
When looking for job opportunities, CVs are still important in the Pilates world. Add your most recent jobs and accomplishments to your CV and be ready (in advance) for your next interview.

8. Search for future Pilates jobs.
Have you been thinking about making a change? While all activity is on pause, take the time to clarify your thoughts about what you want to do next. Be specific about what you want and be ready to seek new avenues and opportunities when the world returns to normal. Our job board is one way to approach it.

9. Inventory studio items.
Pilates equipment takes a beating. Do you need to make plans to get your equipment serviced? Are you missing any props? Now is the time to take inventory and clearly re-assess your needs (in writing.)

10. Put together your next e-newsletter.
If you’re someone who doesn’t do social media, remember to keep the conversation going with your online mailing list. Emailing lets you speak to your audience without worrying that your post will disappear from view on social media.

11. Map out your 5-year plan.
This is a little bit like setting a bunch of Pilates goals, but with strategy and milestones. Create a written five-year plan that systematically outlines how you step from where you are now to where you want to be.

12. Revise your mission statement.
Your preferences and values will develop throughout your Pilates career. Make sure your mission statement reflects what is important to you as a Pilates business owner now. Check out our Toolkits for Businesses for a whole host of templates – including how to write a great mission statement.

How has this list of at-home Pilates activities inspired you? What tasks are you most excited to catch up on as you maintain an appropriate “social distance”? We look forward to hearing how you’re keeping busy in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, on Facebook and Instagram.

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