Fostering Future Professionals
Help your students become successful Pilates teachers by providing a pathway to professionalism.

What is Fostering Future Professionals?
Fostering Future Professionals (FFP) establishes cooperative relationships between the PMA and Pilates schools. These relationships support student understanding of the value of third-party certification, their professional association, and the notion of industry development. The program facilitates student membership and participation in the PMA and fosters the foundations of a professional career as a Pilates teacher.

In a nutshell:
Pilates schools are the first ones to interact with Pilates teachers in training. The PMA relies on schools that participate in FFP to educate new Pilates teachers on:

  • What the PMA is and its role in industry development
  • The value of joining the PMA as a Member
  • Their students' next step after graduation - sitting for the NPCP exam to get certified!

In exchange, schools receive:

  • A listing on the PMA website
  • Permission to publicize the organization as an FFP Participant.
  • Permission to link to the PMA website via the FFP logo
  • A limited license to use the FFP logo
  • Acknowledgement at the PMA conference Opening Assembly
Student Perks
Your students get $15 off their Student Membership with the PMA.

In order to apply, the school must:
  • Offer a minimum 450-hour comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. This program must be listed on the school website. (Training must be in person. Online-only programs do not qualify.)
  • Include a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills within the program.
  • Submit an average of 5 students per year
  • Use terms such as ‘‘diploma", "assessment-based certificate", or "certificate" to describe the results of their teacher training program. The school must not say that graduation results in "certification."
  • Comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws, as per PMA Code of Ethics.
  • The Program Director must be a member of the PMA.

Participating Schools