Pilates Educators Summit
The Pilates Educators Summit is an event for Pilates school owners, faculty, and administrators.

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Pilates Educator Summit Archives
Read about some of the key developments over the years:

2020 Pilates Educators Summit Final Report

2018 Teacher Training Summit Final Report

2017 Summit Development & PSAP Update at PMA conference
2016 Teacher Training Summit Final Report
2014 Teacher Training Summit Final Report
2013 Teacher Training Summit Final Report
2011 Teacher Training Summit Final Report
2011 Survey Results for Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs
2009 Teacher Training Summit Final Report

Additional Resources
Minimum Standards Template
Pilates School Approval Program Standards

Pilates Educators Group
The Pilates Educators Group (PEG) is composed of volunteer school owners and program directors who are passionate about the development of the educational sector within the Pilates industry. Participants work to unite Pilates educators as an “industry within an industry,” understanding that educators are the only group in a given industry that can effect significant change in the development of the field. To this end, the PEG is charged with the organization of Pilates Educators Summits where teachers gather to deliberate issues specific to Pilates education. These gatherings have fostered a professional maturity that has led to the development of the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) and the exploration of US norms regarding vocational school licensing and accreditation.


Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins, NCPT
Jo Ann Graser, NCPT
Stella Hull Lampkin, NCPT
Deborah Mendoza, NCPT
Shelly Power, NCPT
Joanna Telacka, NCPT

Pilates Educators Group Standing Rules

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