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Cyber-Attacks: How to Protect Yourself and your Clients During Virtual Sessions

Tips to protect your next Zoom videoconferencing event...


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Are You Killing the Coronavirus When You Clean?

When using disinfecting wipes or sprays, are you doing what you think you’re doing...


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The CARES Act – What’s in it for you?

The CARES Act extends potential benefits to both Pilates teachers and Pilates businesses...


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Are You Classified as an Independent Contractor? Here Are Some Resources During COVID-19.

We’ve outlined some help available to Pilates teachers classified as Independent Contractors....


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Action Steps for Negotiating Rent and Other Payments During COVID-19

Action steps you can take to negotiate successfully with your landlords, suppliers and lenders...


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PMA Membership Dues Update

We’re offering 30% off PMA Teacher Memberships through May 31, 2020...


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Setting Up Virtual Classes and Training for your Studio

The complete guide for Pilates businesses getting started with virtual classes and training...


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Keeping Your Clients Engaged and Your Staff Working

How do we keep our clients engaged, moving and most of all connected to our community...


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