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Finding the Light: Building Community During Coronavirus

Learn how PMA Member, Everlea Bryant is finding her light during times of Coronavirus...


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Overcome Your Streaming Challenges

Learn tips on how to overcome your streaming challenges...


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Keeping Clients Engaged and Retained on Screen

Learn how to engage and retain your on-screen clients...


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The PMA welcomes two newly elected members to the Board of Directors

The results of the 2021 PMA Board Election....


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Virtual Session Fatigue

Learn how to manage virtual session fatigue...


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Do You Have to Sign That Non-Compete?

Do you have to sign that non-compete...


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COVID-19 Pulse Survey 2 Results

COVID-19 Pulse Survey #2 Results...


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Practical Tips to Retain and Engage Clients During COVID-19

Learn practical tips to retain and engage clients during COVID-19...


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