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Tactile Cueing in Pilates: Three Touchless Strategies to Achieve Similar Outcomes

Learn three touchless strategies to achieve similar outcomes...


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Is Lack of Equipment Getting You Down?

Find fresh inspiration with props your clients have at home...


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No Equipment? No Problem! Five Different Props to Try Today

No Equipment? No Problem! Five different props to try with your clients today...


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Successful Workshop Hosting

Hosting a successful workshop is a gratifying experience for a studio owner. When you have a captivating presenter, a room full of eager students and an exciting topic it’s a win-win proposition...


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Private Schooled: 4 Strategies to Evolve Pilates Clients from a Class Setting to Private Training

As Pilates teachers and enthusiasts, we naturally gravitate toward private sessions over group classes. We’ve seen the accelerated results first-hand and have observed the amazing impact this one-on-one approach can bring to our bodies and our lives.


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How to Program for a Diverse Group Class

With more and more people desiring community and convenience, Pilates classes are becoming more popular. But how do you make sure that everyone has a good workout when there are advanced clients and new clients in the same class?


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Is Pilates for Men as well as Women?

When I was first introduced to Pilates in 2009, I observed that the vast majority of people in the Pilates studio were female. Based on that observation, I concluded that it was an exercise regime best suited for women. I have now practiced...


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Tired of the Old Routine? Teach Out of Your Comfort Zone!

It is an age old saying that learning does not occur when we are too comfortable. To learn we need to be challenged, step out of our comfort zone and explore. As Pilates teachers we often push that edge with our clients...


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